DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest for the NES

Created by Artix Entertainment, LLC

Battle through a new 8-bit "zeldavania" game in the world of AdventureQuest. Available on a real NES Cartridge and emulators.

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Retro Recommendation
over 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 06:11:56 PM

Retro Recommendation

Hiya guys, we ran into another retro developer creating a new game for the Game Boy Classic/Color called Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe. They're almost at their funding goal, and we are so close to our last stretch goal... so we are doing a cross-promotion to highlight each others game projects. Check it out.  

Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe is a brand-new Game Boy Classic/Color-release that will come both as a free digital release and a dedicated physical run for collectors.

Featuring adorable graphics and an earworm-inducing chiptune-soundtrack, this game is an action-platformer that features simple to understand, yet hard to master game mechanics, which will trigger the highscore-maniac within you! Many unlockables and secrets, challenging highscore-mechanics and it's great pick up and play-affinity will keep you occupied for hours.

To learn more about the game and it's physical release, please make sure to check out their Kickstarter page and back the project if you like what you see!


For the Gameboy/Gameboy Color
For the Gameboy/Gameboy Color

LAST DAY! Autographed Stretch Goal Unlocked
over 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 02:36:42 PM

"This is the final countdown!"
"This is the final countdown!"

Congratulations on unlocking the "Signed Instruction Booklet" Stretch Goal!

The Dungeons & DoomKnights Kickstarter ends tomorrow night... we are officially in the final stretch.  You just unlocked the stretch goal which guarantees that your instruction manual will be signed. Warmed up my signing gauntlet by making you the terrible drawing in the image above (this is why Clarion is doing the art, not me XD ) 

The next & final Dungeons & DoomKnights stretch goal!

We are soooo close. If we hit the $50K goal, the AdventureQuest Worlds team will convert fan favorite scenes, characters, and monsters from Dungeons & DoomKnights into their game... creating a special 8-bit area that EVERYONE can play for free. This last stretch goal is a win for the entire video game community. 

Thank you!

This is very likely the craziest thing my video game studio has ever done. Thank you so much for being an enabler :D You have truly gone above and beyond. In addition to having my eternal gratitude, you're also going to get my blood sweat and tears (figuratively, the FDA says we can't include that as an add-on.) We are going to have a lot more fun taking this new NES Game to the finish line together. 

Get ready. The last day of the Dungeons & DoomKnights Kickstarter begins... 

Battle on!


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Weekend update! Death, Chickencows, and Sneevils... oh my.
over 3 years ago – Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 01:32:04 PM

Dungeons & DoomKnights Weekend Update

Greetings and salutations! Thank you for your incredible support of Dungeons & DoomKnights. Thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at some of the stranger pixel art monsters/characters coming in this retro game. We made an 8-bit Chickencow... it is every bit as horrifying as it sounds. See for yourself. 

The Retron HD is a good, and inexpensive consule that is compatable with our NES cart.
The Retron HD is a good, and inexpensive consule that is compatable with our NES cart.

Meanwhile, we have been working with two companies on fulfillment for the physical carts, packaging, instruction manuals, and things in your box. We made a label for our test cart.... then made you a video on "how to NES good."

Compatible Video Game Consoles & Emulators

It is an amazing experience & quite nostalgic playing retro games on the original hardware. But if you don't have an original NES. Don't worry. There are a lot of new options for playing cartridges or the digitally downloaded ROM versions now. Our 72-pin carts are compatible with all of the original NES consoles sold in the US, Canada, and Europe. You would be surprised how easy it is to find a used one at a local retro game shop or online. There is also new systems like the Retron HD (less expensive) and AVS by retroUSB (better but more expensive) that support Dungeons & DoomKnights. I suggest waiting until our cart production is complete so I can post a complete list of every compatible system before buying. (For example, the brand new Retron5 does not work). For emulators, I suggest Messen and FCEUX. Both allow you to use joysticks and gamepads. Which means, you could hook your computer up to a TV for a pretty authentic experience. We also have a working web browser emulator. 

Ready for some pixel art?

Death's just showing up in game to make sure you have a killer good time. Maybe help you with your screens Dead Pixels. If you encounter Death... be nice. Because you DON'T want to play Dungeons & DoomKnights without being able to respawn. 

The majestic Chickencow is perhaps the pinnacle of evolution. Also, a self-sustaining source of breakfast. We de-evolved it to a boss size mega-sprite after someone said, "There is no Chickencow Level"

Sneevils are a race of box-obsessed goblinoids. Unlike most treasure hungry monsters, they only care about the containers. Should you find a pile of treasure dumped on the ground and no treasure chest to be found... you might have just been "Sneeviled".

My favorite type of Boss Fights are the one that feature monsters bigger than the NES can actually handle. The secret is to build the non-moving parts into the background. Then, when the monster is defeated, make all of the background tiles turn black. For example, the Giant Skeleton in the image above. The goal is for his rib cage to open up, which would be the only time you can take swings at his soft unprotected underbelly. Of course, you gotta watch out for those smashy hands. 

Thank you again for supporting the Dungeons & DoomKnights project! Have an incredible weekend. Looking forward to the next update post!

Battle on!


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Live Stream! Friday @ 3pm EST with Dungeons & DoomKnights
over 3 years ago – Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 01:31:59 PM

Join us live on the Artix Entertainment Twitch Channel
Join us live on the Artix Entertainment Twitch Channel

Greetings and salutations,

Thank you for supporting our NES game project and congratulations on unlocking a new stretch goal!

Join us tomorrow, Friday (April 26th, 2019) at 3pm EST for a LIVE STREAM on the Artix Entertainment Twitch Channel to talk about Dungeons & DoomKnights and the process of creating retro video games and music. If your new to our video game community, looking forward to finally meeting you! Be warned, our "anything goes" Twitch streams often spiral into the depths of cthulhian chaos. XD (Tuesday's stream devolved into a live interactive role-play featuring radioactive ant-zombies and aliens.)  

Battle on!


Artix Twitch Channel
Artix Twitch Channel

P.S. Dale Coop photo-shopped up these cabinets.... anyone else feel likes we need to actually make this?

300% Funded & Major Announcement!
over 3 years ago – Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 11:25:20 PM

300% Funded & Major Announcement

Greetings friends!

Thank you for your overwhelming support of Dungeons & DoomKnights: an new 8-bit AdventureQuest game for your NES. Unbelievable! 


I am excited to announce that before release, our game will be applying for (working with them and doing whatever it takes to qualify for) the upcoming official protocol for releasing commercial NESMaker games. Including rigorous testing by the experts in this space.  

I had an awesome conversation with Joe Granato (be sure to see his documentary, The New 8-Bit Heroes on Amazon if you have not already) last night. He has big plans for for the future of NES games, and for maintaining a high level of quality in games that go through his official protocol.

To anyone else in the NESMaker community considering running a Kickstarter for an NES game, I encourage you please contact Joe and his team first to coordinate. (Really wish we had.) 

About Artix Entertainment

If this is your first time meeting our team through this Kickstarter, then, "Good to meet you! Our studio, Artix Entertainment, consists of 34 devs that have been creating and updating video games for nearly 17 years. Over 200 million accounts have been created for our games on the web, mobile, and steam during that time. Our most ambitious being the cross-platform MMORPG, AdventureQuest 3D... which allows players to log on from any device and play on the same online world together. Many of our games are updated each and every week with new content. Our game cards, action figures, card game and other passion projects have been on store shelves at Toys”R”Us, Best Buy, and other major retailers. We are fun and light-hearted, but not light weights :D That is, we know how challenging and demanding it is to take a video game to the finish line, and the same for physical products. 

Thank you again. We are excited to pledge Dungeons & DoomKnights to being a part of Joe’s vision for the future of commercial NES games. 

Battle on!
Adam (Artix) 

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P.P.S. We are working on stretch goals for... the 1st one will be at $20K. We will get George Lowe (voice of the TV show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and voice actor from Robot Chicken and other Adult Swim shows) to narrate the official trailer for Dungeons & DoomKnights!