DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest for the NES

Created by Artix Entertainment, LLC

Battle through a new 8-bit "zeldavania" game in the world of AdventureQuest. Available on a real NES Cartridge and emulators.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Dungeons & DoomKnights HeroMart Launch, Switch Port, & also Kubo 3 on Limited Run
4 months ago – Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 07:26:07 AM

Available now and shipping this week

Dungeons & DoomKnights HeroMart Launch, Switch Port, & also Kubo 3 on Limited Run

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayer,

It has been 1 month since we 100% completed the Dungeons & DoomKnights Kickstarter project. We shipped the physical Dungeons & DoomKnights game, magazine, certificate, and other physical rewards to backers all over the world. Also, we released all of your digital rewards on BackerKit including the ROM of the game, your name in the credits, and four strange bonus versions of the game known as the "CHAOS ROMS". We also released two original video game soundtracks.... The 8-Bit Soundtrack and the Heavy Metal remix. Grateful to you that this Kickstarter was a huge success. Thank you again!

But... what about those left over 1st editions?

D&DK on HeroMart.com now!

Remaining copies of Dungeons & DoomKnights are now available & shipping

We finished assembling the remaining copies of the game and put them on our online shop, www.HeroMart.com for sale.

New exclusive in-game rewards

Because your Kickstarter rewards are now rare, we created new in-game rewards (AdventureQuest Worlds & AdventureQuest 3D) for these remaining copies. Oh, do not worry... we already gave you the new rewards! The new items should automatically show up in your existing shops. To get the new "8-Bit Paladin" badges or titles, grab the new codes from BackerKit.

What happens when these run out?

I really enjoyed boxing these. Hanging out at the lab after hours flashing carts and folding boxes with the team is surprisingly therapeutic. We made just less than 1,000 extra copies. A few hundred of them have already been sold. There are around 200 Collector's Editions left. We are now out of parts and do not plan on hand-making any more. Honestly, we do not currently have a plan for what to do after these are all sold.

Regardless, the last of the 1st editions are now at HeroMart.com


Kubo 3 available on Limited Run Games

OMG! This is huge. Kubo 3 was just announced at Limited Run Games. You can order your copy there. This is an amazing achievement for any professional developer... imagine how 9 year-old Seiji feels!?  As you know, Seiji's Father is our very own Dale Coop-- and after all of the amazing things he has done for our game project, supporting and spreading the word about his son's game is an honor.

Dale Coop & Seiji at a convention in France

Also... Seiji promotes our game at all the conventions he goes to too. Look at him sporting our T-Shirt.

The Limited Run version of Kubo features an improved version of the game with different packaging and... I am not going to spoil it, but it includes unannounced extras which will make this version a must have for anyone prospecting on Seiji's future fame. I ordered my copy.

Get your copy of Kubo 3 on Limited Run Games

On the topic of big announcements...

Nintendo Switch version of Dungeons & DoomKnights coming!?

We are working with the new publisher Nami Tendo to bring Dungeons & DoomKnights to the Nintendo Switch.  Talk about going full circle! This would be our first ever console release of a game... ever. Doing physical copies for the Switch is not out of the question, but we are currently focused on getting the game on Nintendo's Switch Digital Games Store.

Be sure to get your name right on the Dungeons & DoomKnights credits page. While I could not fit your name on those tiny NES carts, I 100% can get your names onto the Nintendo Switch version!

Thank you!

Thank you again for making Dungeons & DoomKnights possible. I hope you have been enjoying battling the pixilated undead in the retro game we built together.

Battle on!

Artix & the 8-Bit Team

Available now and shipping starting Thursday

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April 1st: Dungeons & DoomKnights Trailer, 2 Soundtrack Albums, Credits, and 4 Chaos ROMs launch!
5 months ago – Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 11:53:14 PM

Once again, I really want to thank you and all of our other amazing backers for making this 8-Bit NES game a reality. Dungeons & DoomKnights is a success. It took a lot longer than expected, but you allowed me to build my childhood dream game without compromising. The team went above & beyond, over-delivering on every aspect of this project. You can see the love and effort in every part of this game.

April 1st: Dungeons & DoomKnights Trailer, 2 Soundtrack Albums, Credits, and 4 Chaos ROMs launch!

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers

It is April 1st....


With today's triple Dungeons & DoomKnights release (2 Albums, 4 Chaos ROMs, & the Trailer) our award winning retro game project is live, shipped, and 100%+ complete. Thanks to you and your patience and unwavering support, this Kickstarter was a success. Cue the credits! (Which you are officially in)

Dungeons & DoomKnights was ranked the #1 new Action-Adventure game for the NES.

Dungeons & DoomKnights Trailer Launch!

Featuring voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast's & Robot Chicken's George Lowe.... 

Watch the Trailer on YouTube

The team and I shipped all physical copies of Dungeons & DoomKnights earlier this year, including signed certificates and a surprise real-life copy of "Pretendo Empower Magazine".  Thank you for flooding us with photos, unboxing videos, and your surprise at seeing how much love went into the physical game. We are aware that some backers are still waiting for their shipments to arrive due to international shipping issues or wrong addresses. The team is not going anywhere and we are (and will always) do our best to help. Cannot wait to see your photos when the game inevitably makes it into your hands.

Soundtrack Album Launch (Available now!)

Not one... but TWO Dungeons & DoomKnights Soundtrack Albums launched today! The albums should already be on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and other popular streaming services by the time you read this. Backers of the Collector's Edition will find that BOTH full versions of the album are available for download on BackerKit.

Available now! Search your favorite streaming app

Dungeons & DoomKnights (Original 8-Bit SoundTrack)

The soundtrack features 22 full length songs from the game. This includes several unreleased songs that did not make it into the final game.

Available now! Search your favorite streaming app

Dungeons & DoomKnights (Original Metal Soundtrack)

This is INSANE! Jongaar and Broomtool spent months recording, mastering, and creating Heavy Metal versions of the game's songs. This album was a project so big it could have had its own Kickstarter.

I cannot wait until you hear the 8-bit and metal versions of the tracks side-by-side.

Collector's Edition Backers!

You can download both albums through BackerKit now.

Search for Dungeons & DoomKnights

Available now on your favorite music streaming service.

...and other popular streaming services.

CHAOS ROMS! (Available now)

One of the Dungeons & DoomKnights stretch goals was a "Chaos ROM". Well you could call it a  "Chaos ROM", "Chaos MOD", or "ROM Hack"... however you like to say it, it is a weird, wrong, or goofy version of the game.

Instead of making you one....

I made you FOUR!

Dungeons & Daimyo (Chaos ROM #1)

What if... Daimyo the undead slaying Pomeranian was the main character of Dungeons & DoomKnights? Download this ROM on BackerKit now and find out.  The game's dialog was completely re-written and the skill changes are hilarious. Daimyo is an unstoppable undead wrecking ball. Every skeleton and boss monster he touches appears to disintegrate. It is perfect for very young players (or anyone who wants to laugh through the game with very little challenge).

Download on BackerKit

Pac-Adin (Chaos ROM #2)

What if.... Artix was trapped in a Pac-Man-esque dungeon? This "byte-sized" adventure features a ghost-filled maze of rooms. Find your battle axe and battle your way to the end. Oh, and be sure to pick up power runes. They will turn the ghosts blue so you can hit them :D. Reach the end screen of this short but challenging game for ultimate bragging rights.

Black & White (Chaos ROM #3)

What if.... this game was made before color TV? Featuring a monochromatic color palette and re-written dialog based off of black & white horror movie quotes-- OK, scratch that. I ran out of night of the living dead quotes pretty fast and just started parodying every old black & white movie I could think of. I am sure SOMEONE out there will appreciate this unique Chaos ROM.

Sound Track (Chaos ROM #4)

Who needs streaming services, CDs, Tapes, or Vinyl when you have a perfectly good NES! All digital and above backers can download the ROM version of the soundtrack from BackerKit.  Instead of the  traditional menu, you walk your character through the rooms to access the different tracks.

ChronoKnight (Bonus ROM)

If you have not played this, I put it on backerkit for you to download also. ChronoKnight was our team's submission to the 2020 ByteOff challenge. Travel through time battling parodies of iconic movie monsters. Move left & right to dodge and attack incoming monsters with your sword. Secret: The NES does not allow you to have many sprites on the screen at once. So, Clarion drew the monsters and I set them up to be part of the background. Then, to make the big monsters appear to move, I moved the entire background. This game features even more awesome chiptunes by Jongaar.

Backers can download all Chaos ROMs on BackerKit now!

Your Kickstarter Rewards are now rare

The rewards that you received as part of the Kickstarter (and late backer on BackerKit) are officially rare. Your codes are available on BackerKit.

And... you are also getting additional rewards! Read on...

Remaining carts available on HeroMart with new rewards


We recently put our remaining inventory of the Dungeons & DoomKnights carts for sale on our official online store www.HeroMart.com . Because the Kickstarter rewards are now rare, we created new rewards. However, if you are already a backer of this Kickstarter, you automatically got the new rewards too! Items were either added to your existing shop, or you can look to see if you got a new code on BackerKit.

Nintendo Switch

...wait, O_O WHAT!?

Yes. It is happening! No, it is not live yet. We are currently working with another developer to bring Dungeons & DoomKnights to the Nintendo Switch. More news on this coming in a later post.

Sharing! Secret rewards sent to the few insane super testers.

Your name is in the Credits!

Your name has been immortalized on the Dungeons & DoomKnights Credits.

This is a really big day for our project and once again I want to recognize you and everyone who helped make it a reality. We only had one shot at making this game, so it received the most exhaustive testing in the history of Artix Entertainment games. A small handful of backers went to extraordinary lengths, testing the game gosh-knows-how-many-hundred times from start to finish. I surprised them by sending trophies to thank them for their hard work. You can see your name and all of the amazing people in the credits of this game on the official credits page! 


P.S. If your name is wrong or has a typo, no problem! Just send us a message using the player support link on the Dungeons & DoomKnights website.

Thank you!

Thank you & amazing job Everyone!

Once again, I really want to thank you and all of our other amazing backers for making this 8-Bit NES game a reality. Dungeons & DoomKnights is a success. It took a lot longer than expected, but you allowed me to build my childhood dream game without compromising. The team went above & beyond, overdelivering on every aspect of this project. You can see the love and effort in every part of this game.

There is one more thing... 

Something.... that maybe... you did not know though.

If you have ever heard me speak at an event, I often tell the story of how I started my journey into making video games. That I was just a little boy, and was at a restaurant with my friend and parents. We were rambling on and on about this game we were hyped for. Which was Castlevania 2. We had been playing Legend of Zelda at my friend’s house every day after school at the time too.

My Father looked at us and said, "If you guys love these games so much... why don't you just make one?"

My friend and I looked at each other with wide shocked eyes. Then proceeded to tell him that we were just little kids and did not know the first thing of how to make a game.

My Father held up an imaginary game in his hand and said, "If these guys figured out how to do it, then you can too. You just need to research and figure out the things they did."

We ran home and spent the next two hours trying to build a game on my friend's computer. But no luck. We just could not figure out what you typed into... Microsoft Word to make a game XD.

That was the beginning of my journey. My Father had empowered us. He boldly said it was OK for us to go and make a game. It seemed impossible at the time. It became a life-long obsession.

Move MANY years forward to just a few months ago. There I am, standing at our Dungeons & DoomKnights booth at Midwest Gaming Classic. One of the guys asked me if I wanted to make an Atari game. I said no. Then he asked why I did not make a Super Nintendo Game either. I mean, the graphics on those systems were far superior. But I did not want to make a Super Nintendo game. No, I wanted to make an NES game. To which he said, "Why do you want to make an NES game so much?"

That is when it hit me...

Like a critical hit from a boss dragon....

Whether it was my subconscious, or if I secretly knew it the whole time and just never said it out loud because I was scared I would screw the whole thing up....

Because of you, I completed the original quest my Father gave me.

And I will never forget what you did for me here.

Thank you...

Battle on!

Adam (Artix)


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• Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/artixkrieger
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Dungeons & DoomKnight is the #1 new Action Adventure Game for the NES!
6 months ago – Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 09:08:52 PM

Dungeons & DoomKnight is the #1 new Action Adventure Game for the NES!

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

All physical backer orders have been shipped!

Also, way to freaking go everyone-- Dungeons and DoomKnights was ranked the #1 Action-AdventureGame on the Top 300 new NES games.

It is an incredible honor just to be on this list! My jaw dropped to the floor to discover that the game you made possible, Dungeons & DoomKnights, was awarded the #1 position. Not only that, but we made the Top 10 New NES Games list too! Please check out the full article.

What an amazing adventure this has been....

Thank you for being a part of it!


We did it! We really did it!

As you read this, backers have already begun receiving their physical copies of Dungeons & DoomKnights. Hopefully yours arrives soon! When you get yours, I would love to see your unboxing! Please post photos and tag my Artix Twitter or other social media accounts.

If you have any issues, please check the handy "Help! What do I do?" section of the previous Kickstarter post

Thank you & congratulations everyone!

This is not over yet. But this was by far the biggest and most important milestone in our project together. Next up.... Credits & Soundtrack!

Battle on!

Adam (Artix) & the 8-Bit Dungeons & DoomKnights Team


Dungeons & DoomKnights is SHIPPING NOW!
6 months ago – Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 10:38:10 PM

Dungeons & DoomKnights is SHIPPING NOW!

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

The great ship-ageddon has officially begun! We are shipping your physical Dungeons & DoomKnights carts and extras.  You should have already received an email confirmation for your order from our online shop, HeroMart. Was there an issue with your shipping address?

Wrong address? Contact us quickly!

To update your address, contact Artix Entertainment player support. Hurry, we can only fix them until Tuesday.

All the physical stuff is shipping!

Your package will include all of the (in Undead Slayer terms) corporeal objects in your pledge. Depending on your pledge, this may include physical carts, T-shirts, collector's map, poster calendar, signed certificate, and... yes, oh yes, every physical order will include a surprise, real-life issue of Pretendo Empower magazine. Thank you for believing in this game project.

One of the stretch goals was to sign your instruction manuals. A number of backers vocalized wanting to keep their books "pristine". So, we did one better! We included 8-Bit Undead Slayer certificates. I personally signed each of them.

While all of the carts were made and boxed at my home, we moved everything to HeroMart.com (located inside our lab) for shipping.

One of these may be yours

We finished packaging & labeled all of the orders. But a few backers missed our previous "check your address" posts and social media reminders. If your address is wrong (you can check it in BackerKit) then please contact player support right away so we can fix it before the postal service picks it up.

"Wait! Don't Hang up. This is an important call about your extended Cart Warranty..."

If you have any issues after receiving your order, please contact our player support and explain in detail so we can help. Because we have a very limited number of total carts, we are going to have a 4 month window (based on the date it was shipped) to handle any issues.

Help Guide for new NES Players!

Dungeons & DoomKnights was designed to run on REAL 1985 NES hardware. It has a save feature too! Every cart, including yours, was tested here, on my childhood NES.

I often make the joke that if there is any problem that you should just blow on the cartridge. But after testing 1,200 carts I can tell you with 100% certainty that blowing on the cart does not actually do anything other than possibly get a little spit on it. These old game systems use pin connectors. When you put a cart in, it tends to have a sweet spot where the pins connect just right. Simply taking it out and putting it back in again solves MOST problems.

Cart Problems F.A.Q.

Here are solutions to the most common cart problems...

Gray screen or blinking power button

These old machines were finicky even when they were new. Try taking out the cart, and putting it back in. Then turn the power on.

Hey! I am still getting a Gray Screen or Blinking Power Button!?

Are you outside of the USA? It is possible you need to switch the region. Good news... our carts are multi-region. All you need to do to change the region iis stick in the cart, turn it on, and hit the reset button 4 times. There are also instructions to do this on the back of the cart.

It is not working with my 3rd Party created NES Hardware

OK. Let's make sure your device is compatible. Dungeons & DoomKnights will run on any real NES hardware. Our game uses Mapper 30. But some new systems like the Hyperkin Retron 5 use emulation which does not support Mapper 30. I posted a list of known compatible hardware on the official Dungeons & DoomKnights website. Check to see if your hardware is compatible, and if not, check the vendor's site to see if there is a patch/firmware upgrade to make it compatible.

Broken / Damaged cart?

Please write to us through player support so we can fix the issue for you ASAP. We appreciate you and will always do our best to go above and beyond for you.

I love this game and cannot stop playing! Help!

Search the magazine and manual for clues to hidden things inside the game.

Jongaar says it is time for Heavy Metal Dungeons & DoomKnights music!

Dungeons & DoomKnights Soundtrack & Heavy Metal Remix

Next week will be the premiere of the Dungeons & DoomKnight soundtrack! It is actually two albums. The original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack and an insane heavy metal remake of every song. Composed and performed by Jongaar and Broomtool, the amount of time and effort put into this album could have warranted its own Kickstarter. Backers of the collector's edition will be receiving both albums through BackerKit next week. The exclusive in-game rewards that came with your order will officially go rare. When the remaining few hundred copies of Dungeons & DoomKnights physical carts go on sale at HeroMart, they will be more expensive and not include the Kickstarter rewards. We may make new rewards for that release-- and if we do, rest assured that you will automatically get those in-game rewards too! A win-win.


Thank you for making Dungeons & DoomKnights a reality! You believed in this when it was just an idea... soon, you will be holding an actual NES cart in your hands. I cannot wait to see it. Please send me your photos and videos of unboxing, playing, or displaying your copy of Dungeons & DoomKnights. Thank you for making this dream a reality.

Battle on!

Artix & the 8-bit Dungeons & DoomKnights Team

P.S. Oh, and if you need to update your shipping info...  Contact player support quick! XD


Last chance! (To change your address or late-back the project)
6 months ago – Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 07:58:21 AM

Last Chance

Last chance!

Shipping starts this week.  We are closing pre-orders on backerkit at midnight on Wednesday. 

This is your last chance to update your shipping address or to get a copy by late-backing Dungeons & DoomKnights.  (both Gray and Gold carts back in stock) 

Battle on!


P.S. It is finally happening!!! And it is crazy that the cart you are receiving was tested on my childhood NES. Every single cart was. We made and assembled all of them here at my home.