DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest for the NES

Created by Artix Entertainment, LLC

Battle through a new 8-bit "zeldavania" game in the world of AdventureQuest. Available on a real NES Cartridge and emulators.

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Dungeons & DoomKnights Beta ROM now available for backers!
2 months ago – Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 06:37:36 PM

Dungeons & DoomKnights Beta ROM now available for backers!

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

It is Friday the 13th... and the backer-only Dungeons & DoomKnights Beta ROM just released! What would possibly go wrong? XD

Sharpen your pixelated 8-bit axes and prepare to battle the evil undead.


The Beta ROM is available for you to download now on BackerKit.

What is a Beta ROM?

This is the official BETA test of the crazy retro game we are building together.

The game is complete, and fully beatable with all three endings. But it still needs to be thoroughly tested for bugs, weird stuff, and anything else that needs improvement before we flash your physical carts and ship them to you. We will only get one shot at flashing those carts. So, our community of Dungeons & DoomKnights backers has an important quest--  to test the living daylights out of this ROM and send the team bug reports so we can make it the best game it can be before it ships!

For Backers Only

Thank you for supporting this game and making it happen. This is a friendly reminder that this and all of the Dungeons and DoomKnights ROMs that have been released are for backers only. Please do not share or distribute the ROMs. It is perfectly OK to invite friends over to play though. :D

Where do I get it?

The Beta ROM is available for you to download now on BackerKit.

The file is called "Dungeons and DoomKnights BETA ROM 2.0.nes"

How do I play?

I am starting work on the official instruction manual soon. Until then, here are some quick steps to get you started.

How to play the ROM on your Computer

To play any of our ROMS on your PC, Mac, or Android mobile device, you just need to download and install an emulator.

  • For PC/Mac we recommend MESEN as the best emulator to play Dungeons and DoomKnights on.
  • For Android devices we like PandaNES

How to play the game

Your goal is to reach the end of the game and defeat the DoomKnight. But the journey will be fraught with peril. Also, as a "Zeldavania" Dungeons and DoomKnights has both Adventure and Platformer style screens.


  •  Joystick (D-Pad): Move around
  •  B Button: Attack (or talk to an NPC)
  •  A Button: Use special skill (jump on platformer screens)
     NOTE! On platformer screens, you can press UP and B at the same time to fire a special skill.
  •  Select - Changes special skill (once you earn them)
  •  Start - Does NOT pause the game. We specifically coded it this way so the game would be as immersively real time as possible. (Just kidding. But yeah. Start does nothing.)


  • Daimyo - The undead slaying pomeranian. Can go through doggy doors
  • Axe Throw - Ranged attack
  • Holy Wasabi - Goes kaboom!
  • Shadow Vision - Allows you to see in the dark
  • Rune Warp - Allows you to teleport between runes
  • Shield Reflect - Blocks and reflects projectile attacks
  • "Heal?" - Restores health
  • Axe upgrades - Allows your battleaxe to break new things.
  • ???? - Other passive powerups exist

Where do I report bugs?

There are two ways to post your feedback and bugs from the ROM!

  1.  Join & post bugs on our official Discord server!
     The BEST way to report bugs is in the 8-Bit Undead Slayer channel of our official Discord Server!  I am on and working there nearly every night at 9:30pm EST. but you can post the bugs at any time and I will fix them as soon as I hop on. Once there, just send Clarion a message so he can verify you are a backer and give you access to the backer-only testing room.
     (Note:  I may take a night or two off after that crazy sprint the last two weeks XD)
  2.  Post bugs to the Artix Bugs Tracker
     You can post your bugs here. Clarion (our pixel artist who is also in the discord server) will be checking them through the day and we will fix them at night.

Thanks to the hard work of the testers!

Today's release would not have been possible without the unbelievable bug hunting efforts of our elite 8-bit undead slaying super testers. They tested all 277 previous ROMS. But I especially want to recognize and thank the people below for what they did in the past 24 hours (in random order)...

  • Caddeus
  • QuincyDao
  • Nasylum
  • Ululat
  • Doc
  • Tyler
  • Jbyrd
  • Animee
  • RelaxBleu

This is a pic of the Xan fight, but you should also check out Kubo 3

Kudos again to Dale Coop

All of our games' best features, functionality, and bug fixes are thanks to Dale Coop. On top of being a great guy and a good friend, his 6502 Assembly Language skill is ArchMage tier. I added a little easter egg of him in the game if you can find it. Oh, and if you have not already checked out his 7 year old son's NES game, Kubo 3, please do so! (Game is in both French and English)

Next stop.... release candidate!

This is the project's final Boss Fight!

Dungeons and DoomKnights was announced on April Fools day. Today, on Friday the 13th we released this Beta ROM. This was a long and crazy journey to this moment... Now, the BOSS FIGHT to the release of this game officially begins.

It is a big game. Until this week, we have been testing the game just one area at a time. Putting the whole game together was equal parts excitement and chaos! The game takes 4+ hours to beat. Which is spot on our goal-- and a great way to spend some of your Friday the 13th weekend. Please join us in testing Dungeons & DoomKnights.

Once the game is fully tested and any polish is added... we will release the "Dungeons and DoomKnights - Release Candidate ROM"


Dungeons and DoomKnights was designed for gamers that loved the original Legend of Zelda, but now have busy schedules and distractions. It features a huge world filled with bite-sized and rewarding dungeons and areas. There are lots of save spots. As you explore areas and gain skills, you unlock more shortcuts to move around the world faster. That being said... here are a few tips to help:

  •  13 levels - Every major powerup you find will give you one level
  •  Boat - At the top of the mountain there is a broken bridge.... If you could just find some way to fly over that....
  •  Sneevil Box Fort - Sneevils keep their box fort high up in the trees

May the fates favor thee, Undead Slayers....

Congratulations and thank you. This day marks an important milestone in this project. I hope you love this game. If you are choosing to wait until the final, final, final version of the game.... That is 100% Ok. For all of  you who are jumping in to play test this weekend....

It is Friday the 13th.... What could possibly go wrong?

Battle on!

Artix & the 8-Bit Dungeons & DoomKnights team


P.S. Nasylum made a 100% Walkthrough guide. You can ask him for it on the discord server.

P.P.S. We are completely sold out of gray carts and very low on gold cats. I contacted Infinite NES Lives to see if they would be able to produce more gray carts & boards for us.

P.P.P.S. See ALL of the Friday the 13th special releases happening across our games this weekend at www.Artix.com 

Battle on!


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• Website: https://www.Artix.com

Dungeons & DoomKnights Pre-BETA testing has started
3 months ago – Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 02:39:27 AM

Dungeons & DoomKnights Pre-BETA testing has started

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

I am excited to share with you that, as of 12:30am tonight, the testers on our discord have begun testing the Pre-BetaROM!

OK, "Pre-BetaROM" is a really silly name. But this is the first fully playable version of Dungeons & DoomKnights from start to finish!

This release features all three endings, new mini-boss fights, and all the bad jokes I could squeeze into that small gray (or gold) cart. See the full list of progress report below.

Once this release goes through testing and rapid bug fixes on our discord server, we will declare it the official Beta ROM and post it for you to download on BackerKit.

It is a big game O_O

Remember that friend of mine from New York who backed the project? He flew down this weekend. I flashed a cart and played it with him on real hardware. Checking the save feature, the Konami cheat code, and playing through the game. It was fun. He said, "I didn't think the game was going to be this big!"

I am sure there is going to be a lot of problems, fixes, etc... but this is the road to competition. I have not been this excited (and relieved) in quite some time.

Progress Report

  • Pre-Beta ROM has begun testing
  • New song: Warcry of the Paladin
  • SoundFX Improvements
  • All three endings complete!
  • Added Brutalcorn Mini-boss fight
  • Sneevil Forest Complete
  • Added King Sneed mini-boss fight
  • Pet Shop interior complete
  • Dragon Gate screen complete
  • Frost Lich Keep complete
  • "The Well" with Daimyo issues fixed
  • Buy your house complete
  • Ebil Dread Forest Complete
  • Added AWESOME evil tree boss fight - Pro tip: You need to hit the soul when it goes inside a tree and makes the face light up.
  • Finished Town of BattleOn & am now personally responsible for the things those NPCs say
  • Clarion created some new NPCs for town
  • Yulgars Inn Complete
  • Added Outhouse
  • Added pathway to the outhouse because of a logic issue
  • Added man eating seedspitters on the pathway because using the potty in fantasy games is hard-mode.
  • Chaos Labyrinth Complete
  • Added "Infinite Corridor" which requires Chaos Amulet to pass
  • Added Drakath Boss Fight
  • Konami Code cheats finalized - Will display red doomknight armor if you use it so people can tell.
  • Dale Coop fixed lots of stuff including a game breaking gold rounding issue
  • Mage Tower tested and finished
  • New Door Art (the other door art was too hard to use resulting in us never using it.)
  • I re-arranged the graphics banks so much that I cannot even remember what is real any more.
  • Added a boss fight in the basement of Yulgar's Inn.
  • Connected the ocean to the river so you can *ALMOST* boat all the way diagonally diagonally through the world. (You need to walk a little bit for some parts)
  • Clarion re-drew Death
  • Moved the Grim Reaper fight to the very beginning of the game.

Production Schedule

  • Finish testing, debugging, and polishing the Pre-BetaROM
  • Send you the official Beta ROM
  • Mega testing! (We we only get one shot at flashing these carts)
  • Ship carts & all your other stuff!

Thank you for making all of this possible. Cannot wait to ship you the final carts and Roms!

Battle on!

Artix & the 8-Bit Dungeons and DoomKnights Team


Dungeons & DoomKnights

What 'Elsa' can I get done before the Hurricane?
3 months ago – Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 04:01:29 PM

What 'Elsa' can I get done before the Hurricane?

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

As I write to you, it is 3:00am on Tuesday night and despite asking her to just "let it go", Hurricane Elsa is on her way to visit us in Tampa. She is currently a pretty weak category 1 storm. Power outages from hurricanes are about the closest we get to a snow day down here in Florida. I am finishing up the last screen of our Chaos Well dungeon before doing an offsite backup of Dungeons & DoomKnights just to be extra safe.

Our goal remains releasing the Beta ROM to you as soon as possible.

Here is the D&DK progress since the last post....

  • Ending 1 is functional (Some art & screenwork still needed)
  • Ending 2 is functional (Some art & screenwork still needed)
  • Ending 3 is done
  • 10 new songs added by Broomtool and Jongaar O_O
  • SoundFX have been remastered
  • The Mage Tower is 100% complete
  • The Chaos Well is 90% complete
  • Xan the Pyromancer now teleports for his fight
  • Restructured/Fixed early parts of the game that were using hacky code...it is now using new, more proper hacky code.

New Music & SoundFX Improvements

Remember when we ran out of space in the music bank, but then CutterCross showed us how to optimize it and we freed up nearly half the space? Well, Jongaar & Broomtool filled it with new tracks and SoundFX! They also learned how to use some new fancy pants sound features. The new songs and SoundFX sound amazing. They went back and cleaned up a lot of the original tracks. I am so proud of them and the music in the game.

New Songs

  • SadNES (Voted best name for an NES song. Also... it is sad)
  • Heroes Rest (The "You got a new power song")
  • Town of Battleon
  • Subterrane
  • Polyhedron
  • Boss 1 (This is where the good naming apparently stopped)
  • Boss 2
  • HeroMart (Stores get a theme song!)
  • Lich Battle
  • Bad Artix

Old songs

In case you were curious....

  • Dungeons & DoomKnights theme
  • Symphony of the Knight
  • Crypt Crusader
  • Despyramid
  • Labyrinth of Chaos
  • FrostByte
  • Villains of Time (The ChronoKnight Boss song)
  • Heart Beat (new and improved)

Are we there yet?

Oooooh. This is the part of the update where I complain about how hard everything is, and how real-life problems keep jumping in my way and.... Pffft. Just kidding.  I am so grateful to be able to work on and finish this game the way I envisioned it. It is a big game. It is also pretty weird. When I was little and playing games like Zelda, I really wanted to be able to freely explore with the boat. So, in our game, once you get the boat it opens up tons of places to go and use it. And you are free to go anywhere. Also, I wanted to fly. While bat form may be a strange skill for a "paladin", it is super fun and... might even make sense plot wise at the end. Flying will help you get into some very interesting places...

The reflect spell is now in the Mage Tower. It lets you block and reflect projectiles back at enemies. Originally it cost spirit skulls to use.... But it is WAAAY more fun just to be able to use it whenever you want. I highly recommend getting it as early in the game as you can. But you will have to defeat Xan the Pyromancer to get it. Figuring out how to just get to him is hard enough! When you do... beware of his teleport ability. Also the giant fire balls. OK, mostly the giant fireballs.

The Chaos Well is located just north of town. I have spent at least 8 hours re-re-re-re-designing the screen it lives on... plunging me into actual madness. It was really tricky transitioning from the green grassy areas to the purple tentacle areas. Once you fall down the well (Pro tip: just hurl yourself down all the wells in this game... they are all dungeons.) you will quickly find that you made a terrible, terrible mistake. This well requires some skills and powers to defeat that you will not find until after you stumble on it. I always enjoyed when games give a little previews of more challenging areas. Then when you get the skill you think "Ooooh! I can use this new skill to beat it  if I go back there." Which feels really good.

With all the endings structured (which means they actually work), I am no longer scared of "Oh no, what if we run out of space!?" Not any more. With all of the important stuff allocated, now I am free to blow our remaining bits on anything that would make the game better. Which means I have been blowing through them like crazy.

As I review the areas, I keep finding missing stuff, new bugs that were created as the result of fixing something else in the game, and things that really deserve a little improvement. The only way to do this and verify everything is working, is to crawl through the game from the beginning. And that is exactly what we are going to do. This week, after the Chaos Well testing, we are going to start the mega clean-up game crawl.

Once the game is cleanly beatable from start to finish, then we will at long last release that glorious backer-on Beta ROM. Once it goes through your trials by fire-- and we have a release candidate, then we will flash and start shipping the physical carts.

Thank you again for your incredible patience and support. It is my sincere hope that you play it and say, "Oh yeah, this was 100% worth the wait."

Battle on!

Adam (Artix)

P.S. Oh. some peace of mind. Your physical carts are stored safely inside a category 5 hurricane rated building. So unless you see wind speeds of 245+ mph, we should be good.



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• Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/artixkrieger
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• YouTube: https://www.artix.com/youtube
• Itch.io: https://artixgames.itch.io
• Discord: https://www.artix.com/Discord
• Website: https://www.Artix.com

D&DK Update... The Cartoon Edition!
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 04:04:00 AM

D&DK Update... The Cartoon Edition!

Greetings and salutations 8-Bit Undead Slayer,

Today's update post include great news on Dungeons and DoomKnights progress-- and weird AI created cartoons!

Because.... Seriously, is there a better way to deliver 8-bit game dev news than with these creepy uncanny-valley looking pictures?


  •  Final Dungeon - DONE!
  •  The Dragon's Lair - DONE!
  •  Frost Lich Keep - IN PROGRESS!

See. Even my son's lite bright re-creation of 8-bit Daimyo is made horrifyingly weird with this.

Here is the reference sheet if you happen to have a light bright or something and want to do the same.

Here is the original pic for reference.

Since school ended, Aidan (lvl 6) has resumed helping me work on the game. Although, his sister is the only one that likes designing levels. His primary function has been recommending we add "MORE DRAGON HEADS". Which, in fairness pairs nicely with the existing theme of "MORE SKULL!"

Want to take a guess what his favorite Godzilla monster is?

On the topic of Dragons... the Dragon's Lair is now complete. Thanks to help from Dale Coop, I was able to make the fight on the backs of the dragons exactly what was originally envisioned. (Semi Spoiler: It ends on the ground... sorta.)

"Danaaa naaa naa naaa... i'm LAVA'ing it!"

I am working through the Frost Lich's Keep now. I was "talked down" from making it a frustrating as heck lever puzzle. You can thank both Glisel and Clarion. Because this is the 3rd to last dungeon and you will have most of your skills-- going to focus on making you put all those skills to good use.

Bug Fixes & Features

Dale Coop has done so much for this project. We have become super good friends. Here is a cartoon picture of him. If you have not already check out Dale's son's game, Kubo 3... you should definitely do so. 

  •  Reflect Shield Skill bug fixed - under some circumstances the reflect shield skill appeared on the wrong side of your character
  •  Reflect Shield Skill no longer uses mana (Feature) - Reflect those projectiles all you want!
  •  Double Death Sparkle bug fixed - We have a death sparkle. A previous fix caused there to be two. But there "can be only one!"
  •  Warping screens after a Dialog bug fixed! - We can now chain dialog cutscenes (which I needed for the end of the game and lots of other places)
  •  Monsters can now have their loot disabled (feature!) - This was a really nice feature to have. It was primarily added because I added Chuckles to the final dungeon and his head ends up on the ground. But if he dropped a spirit skull pickup, it sorta looked like his head which made it a little confusing.

The game now has 3 endings!

I am SUPER excited that the final dungeon of the game is complete and tested. The tester-backers in discord gave some legit kudos on some of the rooms. If 10-year old me played this game and got to see the inn... he would have needed to change underpants.

The final boss fight with the DoomKnight Sepulchure is a mutli-parter. Clarion re-drew the DoomBlade and updated all of the art with it. He also re-drew the transformation cutscene and created multiple versions of some of the monsters you will see at the end. It a feel good skull-filled finale of doom.


I was specifically told by several team members NOT to post this screenshot.

And you will play it soon! It should be possible to play the game from the start to the end by next Thursday. Then, we will need at least a week of bug fixin' and clean-up before.... The BETA ROM release!

(As I post this, I am grimly aware that the universe is listening... and is probably scheming brand new exciting problems to hurl our way. But no matter what challenges we face... we are taking this game to the finish line.)

This is where I sit when I work at home.

If you need me.... I will be drinking extra hot coffee to stay warm while wading through the snow-filled Frost Lich's lair this weekend. 

Battle on!

Cartoon Artix and the D&DK Team

P.S. Are these cartoon images cool or creepy?

Sneak Peek! "The Final DoomKnight Dungeon"
5 months ago – Fri, May 28, 2021 at 07:52:39 PM

Sneak Peek! "The Final DoomKnight Dungeon"

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

Have you heard the story of the flying undead dragon castle?

You can see it... sitting upon the top of the mountain in the blood red sky.

Rumors say that the DoomKnight built this castle upon the skeleton of the largest dragon that ever lived. Then... he raised that dragon skeleton from the dead.

The DoomKnight's Castle int he distance

Experts on the subject of Necromancy all agree that it is capable of flight, even with the castle on its back. Once the DoomKnight has finished gathering his army of the undead, he will take it to the sky... and nothing will stop his undead assault.

This week we have been working on the DoomKnight's castle-- the final boss dungeon! Before I get your hopes up too much-- I am still working on the fire and ice dungeons too. But the light at the end of the tunnel gets much brighter with each day. (Or should we say the darkness at the end of the dungeon?)

...cause this game is getting dark.

The Vampire Queen fight... but in platformer mode!?

The DoomKnight's Castle

The final castle of the game is a boss gauntlet. You will face the unique boss monsters from the game again... but if they were in "adventure mode" before, now you will encounter them in platform mode. It makes the experience horrifyingly different.

I am being super nice though. Once you beat a boss monster it will mark the room as complete and you will not have to fight that boss again.  So as you clear rooms in the castle you can just continue walking through it. I welcome any of you crazy elite gamers to do the entire boss gauntlet in just one life-- I could not even make it through the first three! O_O.

Save book of the dead

Thank goodness for the Save Feature

Also, our game has a save feature. Both the carts and your digital ROM allow you to save your progress at any "Save Book of the Dead". I had a talk with one of my lifelong friends who backed the project (and gives me hell every week on your behalf for it not being released yet) who was surprised that the cart supported the save feature. It is a pretty big game. You are going to need it.

"Let's see what's behind door #3!"

Multiple Choice Ending

At the end of the final dungeon, you will have to make an extremely important decision. If you are a long time fan of the AdventureQuest games, I think you are going to appreciate it. If you are new to our games, then I hope you find it fun and that it piques your interest to follow where one of the endings lead. I already talked to the AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest 3D team leads about it. I am a little concerned about space for the ending. If I am unable to fit both endings on the cart... I have a unique "above and beyond" solution that no old school game has ever done before (because it was not possible back then.)


Clarion sure did draw a lot of different axe options! The in game axe is known as the "Blinding Light of Destiny." The 8-bit version of it in game received an art upgrade this week. It is weird how adding a little shading and shape can make your character feel so much more powerful! The swing just has... heft to it now.

Perfect picture of the worst timed reflect skill usage ever XD

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Dungeons & DoomKnight's code base is SUPER STABLE right now. All major known bugs have been fixed.

  • All monsters are now in the game & working
  • New monster: Fire Imp
  • New Monster: Eyeball Train
  • New Monster: Fire Plume
  • Added room for 8 more NPCs (but a few of those will be used for things you can interact with that are not characters)
  • Added art for the Dragon Gate Portal
  • Art upgrade on Artix's Axe
  • Added a work-around that allows you to fight Dragons in platformer mode.
  • Created a new special tileset for platformer floors (with SKULLS!)
  • Re-did Gravelyn's sprite sheet for her cutscene. Using our alt-graphic banks we can use it in... other places :D
  • Random "diagonal throwing of axe after jumping" bug has been fixed
  • Also, the throwing the dog at an angle bug has been fixed (it was technically the same bug)
  • Dale Coop fixed an issue with our AI that caused all Monsters to stop moving when hit.
  • The Sandsea area, and its pyramids, boss, and rewards are now 100% complete.
When a project is Draggin on, get on Dragons!

Updated Release Schedule

My #1 priority is finishing Dungeons & DoomKnights and sending you a BETA ROM. This will be a test version of the entire, complete game. We will be ready to do this after I finish these 3 remaining dungeons and clean up a few overworld things.

Once the game is fully tested we will flash the boards, assemble them in your carts, and at long last, ship your complete in box games! (That day cannot come soon enough.)

Thank you for making Dungeons & DoomKnights possible. I hope it goes down in history as being one of the biggest, funnest, most surprising, and humorous "new" old games ever made.

Battle on!

Artix and the D&DK team


P.S. Thank you to Nasylum and Animee from the D&DK backer tester discord for proof reading this post!

P.P.S. The funniest part was when Nasylum had to fix the spelling of his own name in the previous sentence X_X