DUNGEONS & DOOMKNIGHTS: An 8-bit AdventureQuest for the NES

Created by Artix Entertainment, LLC

Battle through a new 8-bit "zeldavania" game in the world of AdventureQuest. Available on a real NES Cartridge and emulators.

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Dev Dairy: The Legend of Artixvania
about 2 years ago – Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 09:38:34 PM

Dev Dairy: The Legend of Artixvania

Greetings 8-Bit Undead Slayers,

It was Sunday night. I was exhausted. Brain was mush. A starved Zombie would have looked at my brain and said, "Uh... I'll come back later." I had clocked in nearly 30 hours over a weekend-long Dungeons & DoomKnights coding spree. It was glorious. But now it was midnight. As I powered down my compytron (this is what I call it when it's good. I have other names for it when it's bad), it dawned on me that I had not had a chance to write you yet this week. So I laid down on my bed and took out my phone. 

Turns out you can write Kickstarter Update posts on your phone! I smiled and thought, "This is going to be a first! I will write a long, super personal post and tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to work on this project. I would write about the amazing people like Dale Coop, The UltimateGilby, Kasumi, and how far my 6502 Assembly Language Skills (That is what NES games are coded in) have evolved.

 So I did!

I typed it on my phone for 50 minutes. It talked about the breakthroughs that happened this through this weekend. Talked about the Monster AI scripts that I publicly posted that made it possible to have custom monster animations, double-dragon like combo attacks, monsters that get smaller every time you hit them, and even monsters like the Grim Reaper from Kid Icarus which freaks out and does bad stuff when you you tap it on the shoulder. 

It was nearly 1am. I had written you a small novel. The perfect way to end a Dungeons & DoomKnights filled weekend. I hit the preview button....






(Channeling my inner Sam Kinison there)

Apparently, making Kickstarter updates from my phone was not the best idea. So, I copy/pasta'd the entire thing and posted it into PushBullet. (A really neat app for easily transferring things between your computer and phone.) Figured I would just wake up, use my computer to remove all the spaces and make the post for you. Sure, it would not be as cool as me spending that extra hour at the end of the night. But surely you would get a laugh and enjoy it just the same.


Only 5% of the message was there. 

Push Bullet had truncated my post to about a paragraph. /Facepalms Apparently there is character limit on messages you can send to yourself. 

So, instead. For Maximum comedy...

I wrote you a post about how I wrote you a post after a killer spree of Dungeons & DoomKnights development.

All is now right with the world. 


We now have a beautifully rewarding zeldaesque GET ITEM experience in game. Which is a really fun way to get all of your new items, powers, health, spirit, and other rewards. 

The system for you to unlock these things in game was the final, and arguably the most important feature left on the code-side of Dungeons & DoomKnights. 

In other news!

Our very own Dale Coop just did an interview with MegaCat Studios. He is so humble. A great read!

Hurricane Dorian, that was headed for us in Florida last week turned, and went all the way north and landed in Canada? Taking out Clarion's (our Pixel artist's) power. O_O He has been checking in from a cafe. Most of the art for the game is already done. He is currently working on some unique projectiles to replace the default one most of the monsters currently use.




This Friday is a Friday the 13th. Also a full Moon. Be careful out there undead slayers. Also, across our games we have creepy events taking place. Dark, spooky, goth musician Aurelio Voltaire returns to AdventureQuest Worlds (2D), and a crashed space ship has been discovered in the middle of Camp Gonnagetcha in AdventureQuest 3D (See the trailer). 

 Have an awesome weekend.

Battle on!


Backer Only! Version 2 of the Frost Lich Boss Test
about 2 years ago – Mon, Sep 02, 2019 at 03:28:21 PM

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Backer Only! Frost Lich Boss Test
about 2 years ago – Mon, Sep 02, 2019 at 03:06:50 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit Kickstarter.com and log in to read.

The Frost Lich
about 2 years ago – Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 12:21:51 AM

The Frost Lich

"That guy's always giving me the cold shoulder!"

The Frost Lich hails from the Frozen fortress in the snow-covered Northlands... those who cross him become frozen with fear. Just talking about him sends chills up my spine. Oh, and beware of his ice zombie's frost bite. Should I keep up these puns or... let it go?

Here is a sneak peek of the boss fight in development. Still working on his animation and timing, but you can see this is a much more meaty boss fight. 

Looking forward to having you test this boss fight-- needs a little bit of polish and a feature fixed. We also creates ANOTHER boss fight this weekend. More on that below... 

A pretty awesome weekend for Dungeons & DoomKnights!

A few moments before I started writing you this post, a player on the Artix Entertainment Discord Server tagged me and scolded me for playing "some game" called Asesprite ALL WEEKEND! >_> He was right. I was in Asesprite all weekend. But Asesprite is the pixel art program we use to build the art for Dungeons & DoomKnights. LOL! We accomplished a lot XD 

Story time....

Every good story begins with a problem. Ours was a pretty big one O_O. Last week we ran out of code space. 

See that solid green bank in the picture below? That's the Grim Reaper pointing at an empty hourglass. 

If you do not understand what you are looking at... no worries. Just focus on that worried face. It tells the whole story.

Special Agent Dale Coop to the rescue! (again) He has been working on a new save game system with a menu for Dungeons & DoomKnights. Actually, he has been helping with a ton of things. He was able to move a low priority section of the code to another bank. Now we have ultra shiny diamond-like valuable code lines available.  

*wipes sweat off brow*

Saved (by the Bell?)

Our physical carts have the ability to save your game progress. Save points will be located in prominent locations including: town, dungeon entrances, and outside certain boss fights.  

Reflect (on your actions?) Shield Spell

The shield spell you saw in the last boss test reflects projectiles. However, it was using the same "target enemy object" AI that the monsters use when they shoot at you. Which means the shield did not really reflect the projectile. It actually shot it back at the monster who fired it at you. "right back 'atcha!" Which... to be fair, sounds like a really cool feature! Unless, you are trying to design boss fights where a multiple monsters are firing at you and the goal is to strategically bounce them at the main big boss enemy. There were also some other edge case bugs that are too weird to explain here. The important thing... is that we now have a true reflect. Which means, Dungeons & DoomKnights now secretly contains the power of Pong!

Smarter Monsters & Custom Pew-Pews oh my!

"Oh, my beloved over-used giant red fireball, how I will miss thee..."

Monsters can now have custom projectiles. You can see the tiny ones in that screenshot from the Chaos Labyrinth. There are also some new Monster A.I. tricks to make the fights more fun. It feels so good to actually be able to create some of the fight ideas that I have had in my head forever. 

"It's a Secret To Everybody"

Most people stopped reading a long time ago. So, to you... way to go! A lot of new code dropped into the game this weekend. Not just new tiles, movement fixes, and AI. One of the new things added, will be in the next Boss Fight test: The Frost Lich. It is a secret. So, whomever finds it and posts about it first will be recognized in the following update post as the 1st of our "8-Bit Secret Slayers". 

Next up... Frost Lich Boss Fight Test!

See you in the next backer-only boss fight test post.

Battle on!


P.S. How weird is it that this year, we built created 27,000 plush moglins, held a multiplayer battle-concert with Korn, and are building a new game for the 1985 NES? If we walked up to someone on the street and told them that, I think we would break their mind a 'lil bit. *thumbs up* Good job community! Let's keep the insanity at max.

Backer Only Test! ChickenCow Boss Battle
about 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 02:54:59 AM

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